Practice II of Writing IELTS


Some people believe that sport is an essential part of school life for children, while others feel it should be purely optional. Discuss these opposing views and give you own opinion.

Sport continues to be a controversial topic is an essential part of school life for children to implemented as subject and sport itself consequent in industry. These are valid both of sides, I will consider now. (36 words)
On the one hand, some peoples declare even now sport at school just spent children’s time. Sport one of the curriculum who not all children interest in, better for children focus on academic studies properly for raise their dream. Sport curriculum at school is lack of effective implement, though, children can do activities outside school, for instances cycling, badminton, jogging, and so on that emphasize children exercise without burden at the moment. Instead, school sets up about nationalism and patriotic curriculum as long as shining up spirit of independence our country. (91 words)
On the other hand, some people mentioned that sport given positive impact to studying and working also fostered children physic and helping them in adulthood. Mostly, people who achieve success is best individual in a sport side at school. In habit, children who loved sport are excelled in almost subjects because of their powerfull, skillfull, and meaningfull eventually suffer. (59 words)
Overall, based on sides opinion, I agree that sport should be compulsory to implement at school because sport has many positive impact outweigh negative. Sport help develop physic and mentality children’s system, to ensure high spirit standart all the time and able to support productivity maintains conduct. (47 Words)

total 233 Words

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