Practice I of Writing IELTS

Some people think newspaper is the most effective way to obtain the latest information because it has more influence than other forms of media
Do you agree or disagree?
I think newspaper is able to obtain widely citizen in the previous Z generation and Alpha Generation. It can become effective media for share the news recent. The media in that era are radio, mouth by mouth, cudgel and so on but each of them has its weakness. For instance, radio is extended until the corner of the village as well depends on the signal. Then, cannot be guessing the people has radio every family because of the differences income each other. So, this media so difficult for sharing the update information.
The second media is mouth by mouth, this media is very efficient but not effective because the information is too long to finish as soon. Really spend more time sufficiently, so this media is hard to obtain the latest information.
Next is cudgel, this media in the same time for giving danger situation signal. It is used as certain not at all of the phenomenon clearly said and it cannot be effective for spreading the latest information.
In 2017, newspaper almost die out because mostly citizen are using the digital news for easier access to get information from locally until International news. Newspaper still used for institution, cooperation, foundation, universities or some academic ways that know advantages of it.
In conclusion, I think newspaper can mixed with innovative technology such as being the digital news for helping all aspects.   


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