A Beautiful Kind of Traditional Dance

 A Beautiful Kind of Traditional Dance

Indonesia is the most beautiful country in the world because we have traditional dances and the other countries do not. There are many reasons, we ought to be proud of them. Some traditional dances are Kecak dance from Bali, Jaipong dance from West Java, and Saman dance from Aceh. They are very famous traditional dance in Indonesia as well as abroad. Here, I want to discuss those famous traditional dances.
Fire dance, old people called, has changed because of some people’s habit. from the word “cak ke cak cak ke”, kecak dance was created in 1930 by Wayan Limbak. The players consist of same men make a middle circle and raise hand while say “cak ke cak cak ke”, came from shanghyang ritual who dancer does that with unconcious and doing communication with mysterious soul. The dancers there is condition unconcious, they do communication with God for giving wishes from social.  
Jaipong dance was established from Gugum Gumbira, an artist, from Bandung. Firstly, the name was “Daun Pulus Keser Bojong” and “ Rendeng Bojong”, both of kind female and male dancer. The movements of the dance are “fulgar”, “erotis”. The characters are comedy, spirit, spontanious and humble. The mean of the dance is to make the dance more life. Long time, this dance was more popular and already showed in some event like on television show, traditional ceremony and even to present goverment’s events. Jaipong dance most popular in social especially in teenager, some people called “Tari Pergaulan”. It has 4 kind of movements are bukaan is movement for open the dance (introduction), pencugan is continuation movement, nibakeun is the point for stop a few minutes, and the last mincit  is change movement. Nowadays, Jaipong dance is first art most superior in West Java. 
Saman dance is more popular dance than the other because this dance consists of a group of many people. Usually, many people called it “a thousand hand dance” around 12 person. It is created from Syekh Saman in 16 M era. The first name saman is “Pok Ane”, because those are many people regard it has tools for communication and consist of commendation to God. The saman dance usually showing for important moment inside traditional ceremony. The mean of the movements are energic, full challenge and to give the audience power of spirit. It is combination are clapping hands, clapping chest and clapping thight and faster for do it. Absolutely, make audience fell awesome. Saman dance get reward from UNESCO as legacy of world.
To sump up, all of dances in indonesia must be advertised, we must be proud of them, because they are part of the culture and are famous in the rest of the world.


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